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Turmeric Benefits : A Natural Beneficial Medicinal Plant

Our nature is full of tree, herbs, shrubs and plants. This nature has also provided us many medicinal herbs. Turmeric is one of those herbs. Today we will learn about the amazing properties of turmeric. But before that we will try to know the scientific way of turmeric. 
The Botanical name of turmeric is Curcuma domestically Vahl.Synl. longa. It belongs to family of  Zingiberaceae.
Rhizomes are the main product which are short, thick with blunt tubers. It is aromatic with a pungent smell. Turmeric has significant antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties.
There are some ingredient i.e. curcuma inside turmeric that keep us healthy. If someone has cold, sore throat or cough problem then turmeric works medicinally in it.


It is used as a spice in Indian culture. Since turmeric is considered a blood purifier, antiseptic, turmeric is eaten as a spice. It gives the food a light yellow colour. Mostly it is used to provide colour and bring flavour to the food, but it is not so in hindu tradition. Turmeric is considered as a medicinal herb by the great intellectuals of India. Turmeric is added to the food to keep all stomach diseases away.


In earlier times, when medicines were not available, only ayurvedic treatment used to work. You all must have seen many times when someone gets hurt, then by mixing turmeric paste in hot mustard oil and applying it, the injury is cured. All this happens because turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties due to which it starts healing on its own. When someone gets a stomach infection, sometimes someone gets internal injury, then turmeric is found to be a suitable medicine. Often people do that by adding a few grams of turmeric to hot milk, which cures the internal infection.
This milk is called in common language (milk with turmeric) i.e. golden milk. This milk is useful even when the weather changes and we have a cold. We can also take ginger with turmeric for best benefits.
Turmeric give good benefits in diabetes as well.
•Turmeric have anti arthritis property.
• Anticancer & Antibacterial properties as well.


 When it comes to healthy skin, we never forget turmeric for making DIY Masks. Why turmeric is necessary for our skin? We have started living in polluted area which makes our skin acidic. When our skin becomes acidic then we start having a lot of skin problems. Such as blackheads, oily skin, opening of skin pores, dullness, pigmentation or even pimple, acne, rashes, tanning also. Because turmeric has antibacterial , antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties, it is helpful in giving a new look to our skin. It maintains the pH level of our skin and makes our skin better than before. 

As we have seen, turmeric proves to be a medicinal factor everywhere for us from head to toe. It is not just about turmeric, what is it that we do to keep our body healthy. Turmeric is an ingredient that we need to take only in small quantity, but it's effects are very good on our body. There is no need to change our diet to take small amounts of turmeric. If you add turmeric to your daily meals too, then it will not make much difference. As I say, we can do anything to keep ourselves healthy.

All the best!!


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