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Happiness: God's Gift

According to Walt Disney "  Happiness is a state of mind. It's just according to the way you look at things". Everyone wants happiness. Being happy is a natural behaviour of human being. But happiness is a temporary fact. Just as there are sorrows in people's lives so does happiness in people's lives. Just as happiness is temporary, so sorrow is also temporary. A human has such a nature that he considers happiness permanent. Man spends all his life in search of happiness which is not permanent, when finally he does not get the happiness then he becomes unhappy and hopeless. What is the reason that human beings are not able to remain happy even in today's comfortable lifestyle?

When a person is unable to fulfill his and society's expectations, then he becomes the cause of his grief. The moment when we have a lot of expectations from ourselves and we cannot meet them, then we become sad and unable to accept ourselves. When we are not able to accept our own situation, that is the reason for our sorrow.

There is also a reason to be unhappy when our imaginations are different from our reality. We want to follow our imaginations. Like when we watch a movie then we start to relate our life with that movie. This will happen in our life as well, we start thinking all this. On the basis of this, we start making decisions of our life. What happens then, when we are unable to complete our expectations, we become sad again.

Comparison is also a big reason to be unhappy. Like when our parents start comparing us with our friends on the basis of our marks. Like our colleague's salary is more than us, we start comparing ourselves to him. Like at the party we start comparing our clothes with the clothes of others. We keep doing comparison everywhere. Where we find ourselves a less than others we become miserable. So is it right to compare? 
What does all this mean? Can our satisfaction be measured by the happiness of others? The conclusion is that we do not get so much happier from our happiness, as much as we get sadness from the happiness of others.

Mankind has such a tendency that it can never let go of its desires. People understand that to fulfill their desires is to get happiness. We will be happy when we have a big bungalow, BMW, money and branded clothes. But is it true? As we grow older, we start getting burdened with our desires. We see that we feel that, our wishes which we had thought would be fulfilled, are not fulfilled then we are sad and hopeless. We spend our whole life dreaming of fulfilling our desires, and we do not really know the importance of what life is?

It is surprising that we need to read articles to know what happiness is. We do not know what real happiness is, we just know that we have to fulfill our desires only then we will get happiness. Actually happiness is that which takes our soul on the path of progress. It is not necessary that we cannot be happy till we become rich and achieve our goals. Some things we should keep in mind to be happy.

As long as we are afraid of breaking our famous casserole, then we cannot achieve our goals. We should control our mindful thoughts so that we can do some good work and be happy. We can control our happiness and sorrow, we can do anything we want, that's why we should have a sense of courage in our mind.

We should thank god that whatever he has given to us and whatever he will do,  for our good only. We must accept what we have. We should express our gratitude to our parents, friends and everyone that they support us in all our good and bed times.

Real happiness lies within us. We expect others to give us importance in their lives, but unless we give importance to our own life, we will not enjoy the importance of others for much longer time. We should not be jealous of others, it is of no use because if we envy others, doing so will not fulfill our dreams. If we accept ourselves that we are satisfied with what we have then there will be no stopping us from achieving our inner happiness. What we expect from others, if we keep the same expectation from ourselves and not others, then we can become the most capable human being in this world.

All the best!!


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