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8 Benefits Of Smoothie & 12 Healthy Smoothie Recipe

As you all know, the summer season is going on. Scorching sun is shining and this is common in summer. Taking tea or coffee in such a heat is like a sin. At this time to keep our body hydrated in summer is very important. And like all seasons, our body needs mineral and vitamin in summer. Water cannot be drunk all the time that's why we make smoothie to make the summer season enjoyable and to spend the summer season enthusiastically.

What exactly are Smoothies? Mix a lot of fruits and vegetables together and make a thick liquid. We may not know but smoothie is very good for our health. Smoothies keep our body cool. Here are seven benefits of smoothie given below:
1. Keeps hunger under control.
2. Helps in weight loss and weight gain.
3. Keeps our mood fresh and happy.
4. Fruits provides antioxidants minerals and vitamins in our body.
5. Smoothie keep the natural sugar of our body under control.
6. Keeps our body hydrated.
7. Good for healthy skin.
8. Keep our calories under control.


Take 5 each strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Add half cup of milk and 2 tablespoon of yoghurt. Mix them in grinder. And yes smoothie is ready to serve with ice cubes.

Cut two banana in grinder, take one scoop of chocolate powder, add one glass of milk in grinder and mix all of them. Chocolate smoothie is ready.

Cut one mango into raw pieces take one orange and take half glass of milk with ice cubes, grind them and smoothie is ready.

Take 10 strawberries, one glass of milk 2 tablespoon of yoghurt grind them and serve with ice cubes.

Take one cup of blueberries, 2 banana and half tablespoon of chia seeds grind them with ice cubes. Smoothie is ready.

Take half cup of blueberries, one scoop of chocolate powder and one scoop of protein powder grind them and smoothie is ready.

Take 2 carrot cut them into pieces, take one orange and one mango grind them well. Serve with ice cubes.

Take one bowl of papaya pieces, one banana cut it into pieces, half cup of milk grind them and serve with ice cubes.

Take one green apple cut them into small cubes, few leaves of fresh mint, half cucumber and small piece of ginger grind them well with ice cubes and serve.

Take half cup of oats, few chia seeds, one scoop of chocolate powder, one glass of milk and crushed ice cubes grind them well and serve.

Take one beetroot cut them into pieces take one banana if needed take one tablespoon of honey, crushed icecubes grind them. A nice pinkish red smoothie is ready.

Take one bowl of pineapple pieces, one orange and one cup of milk grind them well and yeahh.. our last smoothie is ready to serve with ice cubes.

All the best!!


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