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15 Minutes Of Yoga Meditation For Beginners

Every human has the right to live a healthy life. Yoga can also be a way to live healthy life. As you all know, yoga is the ancient heritage of india. Our ancestors have been doing yoga for many years. The whole world has come to know the power of yoga. Yoga's best thing is that anyone can do it, from small to elderly can do it easily. But I feel the best thing about yoga is that I don't have to go to the gym anymore... I am just kidding.. The most important thing about yoga is that it teaches patience. The best way to learn yoga is to start with the easiest poses.
My today's article focuses more on what postures we can easily do. I told some asanas and pranayam in my last yoga blog, today I will tell some new poses and also mention the healthy benefits of those poses.
15 Minutes Of Yoga Flow For Beginners

• Sit on your heels with the help of your butt.
• Keep a gap between your knees.
• Put your torso (head) in the middle of that gap.
• Push both your hands to the ground.
• Breathe deeply.
• Stay in this position for 1-2 minutes.

• Calms your mind.
• Reduces your fatigue.
• Strengthen your spine.


• Lie straight, make firmly grip on the ground with your hands.
• From the top of your body, take your feet over your head.
• Put your knees above your forehead.
• Exhale and make your knees straight.
• Open your shoulders and relax your blades.
• Inhale deeply.
• Keep the grip on the yoga mat with the fingers of your feet.
• Maintain this position for 5 counts.

• Improve digestion.
• Help in weight loss.
• Make your body flexible, increases appetite.


• Lie down on the yoga mat.
• Lay arms beside your body.
• Keep your both leg wide, bend your knees.
• Move your hands back and hold your ankles.
• Take a deep breath and raise your torso from the ground.
• Pull your legs back and upward.
• Hold this poses for 30 seconds.
• Drop your legs slowly and come back to your position.

• Helps in gastrointestinal disorders.
• Strengthen back.
• Help in weight loss.


• Start with standing pose i.e stand up straight.
• Back straight.
• Raise both hands up and take a deep breath.
• Reach down to the ground and put your hands fingers under your feet.
• Keep your legs straight as well.
• Hold this pose for at least 15 seconds.
• Come back and stand up straight.
• Repeat at least 6-7 times.

• Improve constipation.
• Keep cats Dosha in balance.
• Reduces tamas ( dullness, laziness).


Keep your body straight.
• Bend slightly at chair pose.
• Take your right leg over your left leg.
• Curl your toes to make a hook around the left calf.
• Twist your left arm over right, join your palms together and place them at the centre of your face.
• Hold it as long as you can or at least 10 seconds.
• Release your hands first and then your leg.
• Do the same with your right leg as well.

• Helps in prostate disorders.
• Strengthen hole body parts.
• Improve balance and focus.
• Improve neuromuscular coordination.
• 15 Minutes of yoga can help us to weight loss as well.
All the best!!


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