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Ketogenic Diet To Lose Weight | Basic Of Ketogenic Diet Food

As we all know, a healthy diet is a reflection of our healthy body.
What is a diet plan?
Diet plan means good nutrition in our body through a healthy diet.
There are many types of diet plans in our world. One of them is the keto diet.
The question arises,what is the keto diet?
Will it prove healthy for our body?

Today we will learn about the keto diet in detail, what changes will the keto diet bring to our body? Let's start....

The ketogenic diet gives you a low carbs i.e sugar, a medium level of protein and high level of fats. Many food works to help you get in shape you want. Carbohydrates gives the energy to our body hence keto diet does not mean a zero carbs diet but a limit amount of carbohydrates.

Benefits of  the keto diet

• Improve our digestion.

• Feel more energetic.

• Helps in weight loss.

• Maintain sugar level of body. 

• Improves memory.

• Helps in epilepsy.

• Mentally and physically strong.


What should we eat

We can eat all type of vegetables as we progress we will mainly consider on  ground  vegetables like spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, raddish,turnips etc.
• Diary products
High fat substances we should add in a diet like cheese, butter, hight fat cream, milk etc.
 • Meats
In a keto we consume proteins at a moderate level. For instance we can add meat, eggs and fish in the diet chart.
• Nuts
Nuts and seeds keep our body all the time energised. Nuts have high amount of fats. So we should add them in our diet chart.

What should we avoid 

Avoid consumption of extra sugar. Like sweets, dessert,syrup etc. You can add honey to your diet chart.

 • Grains
 Stop eating of grains like wheat, oats, white rice because they are rich source of carbohydrates. In keto diet we have to take a low amount of carbs so swear off them.
• Potatoes and yams
Avoid them also because they are also main source of carbohydrates.

 Ketogenic Diet For Type 2 diabetes

There are many people who suffer from type 2 diabetes. Type 2 diabetes is that in which human body is unable to produce enough insulin is as much as our body needs. But people who are suffering from this disease can also follow ketogenic diet.
Because ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate diet and hence help in improving the level of insulin in the body.

What are you waiting for...? Let's live a healthy life. All the best!!


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