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Importance Of Detox Drinks Or Healthy Drinks To Clean Body | 5 Easy Detox Drinks In 5 Minutes.

Can drinks be healthy? Is detoxification necessary for the body? Can we stay healthy only by taking detox diet? Do detox drinks only help with weight loss?

The answer is no. As you all know how important water is to our body. The doctor says that we should drink 7 to 8 glasses of water a day. Water is essential to filter toxins from our body.
So can't we make this seven to eight glasses of water interesting? 
We can make....
Our daily routine and our diet have a great impact on our body.
In the name of energy drinks,we are only messing with our body.
Drinking excess energy drinks increases the sugar and caffeine level in our body which are not good for our body.

Do you know that there are many ingredients in our kitchen that can help us to detoxify our body.

• Lemon
Lemon is a citrus fruit and a rich source of vitamin C as well. Squeeze half of lemon juice into the water. You can also add honey or ginger as per your choice. Lemon is also added in herbal tea and many home made remedies as well.
It reduces bloating and gas, improve digestion ,leads to clearer skin and help in weight loss. Drink this lemon water early in the morning with empty stomach for best results. 

• Cucumber
Cucumber are belong to the family cucurbitaceae family. It has anti inflammatory properties. It protects our liver. It decreases the acidity. It cures ulcers. It prevents body retention and keep your body hydrated.
Add 5-6 slice of cucumber into the water. Add half lemon mix it well. For best results keep this water overnight into your fridge and drink in the morning. 

 •Watermelon water
Watermelon is the highest water contain fruit. It reduces muscle fatigue, improve digestion, keep your body super hydrated, maintain your blood pressure. Take a chilled or normal water. Put 5 - 6 pieces of watermelon and few leaves of mint. Guess what..? Your summer cocktail is ready...

• Coconut water
Coconut water is highly rich source of water. It contains electrolyte which is good for body and keeps you energetic all the day. It helps in maintain your body weight.
Coconut water is amazing for your skin as well. It balance your sugar level and also help in weight loss. Drink daily on coconut water and you will see a good change in your body. 

• Green tea
Green tea is a natural fat burner. It is rich in antioxidants. Green is especially useful for burning and belly fat. Green tea not just a herbal detox tea, which helps into detoxify your body. Green tea also helps in digestion, constipation. It also relieve menstrual cramps. It also strengthen your immunity.
There are many types of herbal teas but the basic is 
Take one cup of lukewarm water add one  herbal tea bag into it half tbsp of lemon juice half tbsp of ginger juice mix it well. For your convenience you can also add one tbsp honey. 

So do you still think that soft drinks or processed energy drinks are better than homemade drinks?
You will decide this keeping your health in mind.
Begin by making homemade easy detoxify drinks a part of your life and step into the world of HEALTHY LIFESTYLE.
All the best!!


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