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|Alcohol| Health Impact & Precautions

I think everyone knows that too much alcohol can damage liver. I know it is difficult to prevent people from experimenting with alcohol but it is impossible to stay away from alcohol?
If we have the will to keep our body healthy,then we can definitely stay away from alcohol.
Nowdays drinking alcohol has become a fashion. Whether it is teenage,young once or old. 
Today we are going to talk about what effect does alcohol have on our body,can we quit alcohol,then how can we quit and what prevention should we take?

Let's start..

Alcohol is produced by the fermentation of sugar cane as well as other type of fruits also. According to our science alcohol is used for the improvement of digestion after the meal which is not bad but over doses of alcohol can leads to a serious health issues which we do not understand and got addicted to it. Due to this addiction, our body has an impact as well as a profound impact on our social relations. People who drink too much, with the symptoms of alcohol they start changing in mood behaviour, social activities, loss of body balance i.e hangover. Hangover is the effect of alcohol on the body. The body starts dehydrated due to the direct flow in the veins.
Alcohol damage the body according to your consumption like acute alcohol use to chronic uses of alcohol.

Effects On The Body 
• Liver 
Heavy use of alcohol can damage the liver. It can cause alcoholic hepatitis.
It can also leads to cancer.

• Digestive System
Drinking alcohol leads to vomiting, diarrhoea.
Cancer of food pipes.
Inflammation of the stomach.

• Sexual Health
Consumption of heavy alcohol can reduce infertility in men as well as women.

• Heart
Addiction of alcohol can leads to cardiovascular disease like heart failure, irregular heartbeat and artery disease.

And many more diseases.. why can't we just stop heavy consumption of the " ALCOHOL".


 How can we stop drinking? I know it is not possible to do so soon. We cannot stop drinking but we can definitely keep it in a limited quantity. It is in our hands. If we can take alcohol in limited quantity then I am sure that we can definitely give up alcohol one day. After all, it is a question of our health.

The question arises, how do we get into limited quantity of alcohol. After consuming a cup of alcohol, think about your body. Think what effect a cup of alcohol will have on our body, are we ready to bear the effects? If you are ready to play with your health, then take another cup of alcohol.
Many excellent nutritionist tell that 

Only one drink per day for women and two drinks a day for men.
 always eat some carbohydrates foods  like  fruit bread when drinking alcohol.

It is still difficult to reduce alcohol intake?
When we can go to the gym to keep our body fit, we can go to salon to look beautiful. So, can we not take alcohol in small amounts to keep our internal organs healthy. Sure we can.

Make this small routine a part of your life and step into a healthy lifestyle.

All the best!!


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