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Vegan Diet Plan For Weight Loss

 Vegan diet has become increasingly popular. Vegan diet plan is taking for weight loss.Some people also refer to the vegan diet religiously because we stay away from animal food in this diet. Animal food means meat ,fish and eggs.Vegan diet is one type of plant based diet. Nutrition is very important for a healthy body. While dieting we should keep in mind that our body gets all the nutrients. The most important nutrients are for our body is  Iron, calcium, protein, vitamins B-12 and fatty acids like omega - 3. We need to be fully aware of this before starting a vegan diet. For many of us who are non vegetarian, it is very difficult for them to start a vegan diet. Because we get more protein and fat in meats and eggs. Starting a vegetarian diet is nothing short of a challenge. If you accept this challenge for a healthy body then go ahead with me and let's start... Benefit of vegan diet plan for weight loss I know switching to a animal prote

|Alcohol| Health Impact & Precautions

I think everyone knows that too much alcohol can damage liver. I know it is difficult to prevent people from experimenting with alcohol but it is impossible to stay away from alcohol? If we have the will to keep our body healthy,then we can definitely stay away from alcohol. Nowdays drinking alcohol has become a fashion. Whether it is teenage,young once or old.  Today we are going to talk about what effect does alcohol have on our body,can we quit alcohol,then how can we quit and what prevention should we take? Let's start.. Alcohol is produced by the fermentation of sugar cane as well as other type of fruits also. According to our science alcohol is used for the improvement of digestion after the meal which is not bad but over doses of alcohol can leads to a serious health issues which we do not understand and got addicted to it. Due to this addiction, our body has an impact as well as a profound impact on our social relations. People who drink too much,

Importance Of Detox Drinks Or Healthy Drinks To Clean Body | 5 Easy Detox Drinks In 5 Minutes.

Can drinks be healthy? Is detoxification necessary for the body? Can we stay healthy only by taking detox diet? Do detox drinks only help with weight loss? The answer is no. As you all know how important water is to our body. The doctor says that we should drink 7 to 8 glasses of water a day. Water is essential to filter toxins from our body. So can't we make this seven to eight glasses of water interesting?  We can make.... Our daily routine and our diet have a great impact on our body. In the name of energy drinks,we are only messing with our body. Drinking excess energy drinks increases the sugar and caffeine level in our body which are not good for our body. Do you know that there are many ingredients in our kitchen that can help us to detoxify our body. • Lemon Lemon is a citrus fruit and a rich source of vitamin C as well. Squeeze half of lemon juice into the water. You can also add honey or ginger as per your choice. Lemon

15 Minutes Of Yoga Flow : Inspires Us To Live A Healthy Lifestyle.

As we all know, it is very important for our body to be healthy in order to live a healthy lifestyle. A healthy body is not made by eating only nutritious food, and we all know this. That's why everybody runs behind the gym or intense workout. I ask all of you whether it is necessary to have an intense workout or a gym to build a healthy body? Not according to me, we can keep our body healthy by doing 15 Minutes Of Yoga as well.   A calm mind is very important in today's busy life. It doesn't matter whether we are a childern, adult or old. 10 BENEFITS OF YOGA 1. Makes posture perfect as we want. 2. Improve concentration. 3. Gives you a strong & flexible body. 4. Strengthen our spine. 5. Strengthen our lungs & increase the capacity of oxygen intake. 6. Helps to make you a happy and lively person. 7. Healthy nervous system, healthy abdominal, healthy heart, strong bones and muscles. 8. 15 Minutes Of Yoga c

Ketogenic Diet To Lose Weight | Basic Of Ketogenic Diet Food

As we all know, a healthy diet is a reflection of our healthy body. What is a diet plan? Diet plan means good nutrition in our body through a healthy diet. There are many types of diet plans in our world. One of them is the keto diet. The question arises,what is the keto diet? Will it prove healthy for our body? Today we will learn about the keto diet in detail, what changes will the keto diet bring to our body?  Let's start.... WHAT IS KETOGENIC DIET? The ketogenic diet gives you a low carbs i.e sugar, a medium level of protein and high level of fats. Many food works to help you get in shape you want. Carbohydrates gives the energy to our body hence keto diet does not mean a zero carbs diet but a limit amount of carbohydrates. Benefits of  the keto diet • Improve our digestion. • Feel more energetic. • Helps in weight loss. • Maintain sugar level of body.  • Improves memory. • Helps in epilepsy. • Mentally and phys

Insomnia: Causes Of Insomniac & Prevention

Do you know how much good sleep is important for a healthy lifestyle..? Today we are taking about Insomnia, Insomnia in pregnancy and prevention so let's get started. Sleep is considered an important part of life.We need to sleep for our health. Lack of sleep affects our body in a lot of ways. Why sleep is so important for us? •  Good sleep reduces the level of depression and stress. •  Good sleep improve creativity. •  Good sleep promotes heart health. •  Good sleep increases the mental strength. •  Good sleep helps to boost immune system. What will happen when we do not sleep properly? • Laziness and fatigue. • Leads to serious health issues. • Depression. •  Poor memory. •   Irritation and bad emotional management. • Unnecessary weight gain. •  Sleeping disorders. Lack of sleep causes many sleeping disorders. One of them is INSOMNIA . Insomnia In simple words, insomnia is lack of slee

Obesity,Overweight, effect on metabolism & prevention

Do you know it can be very harmful for us to eat too much of fat rich foods and we may end up suffering from a condition called obesity. There are two types of body fat, the essential and storage fat. The  essential fat  is important for the functions of the body. It is mainly stored in heart, lungs, muscles & bone marrow. Storage fat is stored in the subcutaneous tissue as a result of additional energy consumed by the junk food. Obesity is associated with health risk.It can cause cardiovascular disease, hypertension and premature death. Effect on metabolism Obestiy and overweight lead to metabolic effects also. • On blood pressure • Resistance of insulin  • Cholesterol PREVENTION OF OBESITY Weight loss is the main goal of treatment of obestiy.Specific diet combined with physical activity can achieve the loss of body fat. This is the most effective and long lasting ways to treat obesity. - Make a successf

Why Nutrition Is So Important For A Healthy Lifestyle? Nutrition And Health

As we all know that for a healthy body  and lifestyle we need a proper nutrition.Their has been many books written in that topic' Nutrition And Health'. We need to go deeper into it.The question arises why nutrition is so much important for our body? Nutrition And Health If we take a healthy nutritious diet then: •IT PROVIDES ENERGY TO OUR BODY •HELPS BODY TO FIGHT AGAINST MANY DISEASES. •FOR A PROPER GROWTH OF BODY AND TO MAINTAIN GOOD HEALTH. There are three main nutrients: 1. Carbohydrates 2. Fats 3. Proteins There are also other nutrients Vitamins & Minerals.   1.Carbohydrates It consists of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Foods that are highly rich in carbohydrates. -   Bran, oatmeal, rice, cereals. -  Starch vegetables, legumes, beans, potatoes. -  Orange, apple, banana. - Cookies. 2.Fats  It gives to your body energy. Consumption of high amount of fats also harmful for our body. Here are some