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Air Pollution Causes & Air Pollution Effect On Lives

The winter season has started. Air pollution is also at its peak. The increase in air pollution with changing seasons has increased the risk of life at risk of corona infection. At the sametime, air pollution has been a part of the lives of citizens of the world for decades. With the change in weather, we move towards winter and risk of air pollution starts increasing with this outbreaks of respiratory diseases and chronic bronchitis have started increasing. Air pollution affects the general functioning ability of human health and quality of life.  Road dust, manufacturing activities and burning of garbage is also contributing to increase air pollution of cities. But this time, along with pollution in the air, there remains a deadly mixture of covid-19. It is a deadly combination and has become a major health problem of the people. Smaller particulate matter and increased wind speed can spread the virus faster. The increasing number of corona virus and accompany

Caffeine In Coffee : Benefits & Side effects

It is said that by taking a cup of coffee and tea in the morning, our whole day goes to energetic. Coffee has become a big part of our lives. It has become the most consuming active beverages in our world. Coffee has active compounds to alert the human body. Consuming excessive coffee also has adverse side effects in the human body. DID YOU KNOW HOW MUCH CAFFEINE IN ONE CUP OF COFFEE?  Coffee is an important non-alcoholic beverage just like tea. The coffee plant is perennial shrub and it's height is about 4 to 9 meters. The coffee plant grows in moist and hot climatic conditions. Coffee plant is grown as a seed. Berries grows as fruit on the coffee plant. The berries are dried first and then roasted. Coffee seeds are roasted so that they give fragrance. When the berries are ripe, they are in red colour and when their seeds are dried and roasted they turn into a dark brown colour. The seeds are roasted for the flavour also.  The Botanical name of coffee is Coffee arab

Happiness: God's Gift

According to Walt Disney "   Happiness is a state of mind. It's just according to the way you look at things ". Everyone wants happiness. Being happy is a natural behaviour of human being. But happiness is a temporary fact. Just as there are sorrows in people's lives so does happiness in people's lives. Just as happiness is temporary, so sorrow is also temporary. A human has such a nature that he considers happiness permanent. Man spends all his life in search of happiness which is not permanent, when finally he does not get the happiness then he becomes unhappy and hopeless. What is the reason that human beings are not able to remain happy even in today's comfortable lifestyle? THE CAUSES OF UNHAPPINESS When a person is unable to fulfill his and society's expectations, then he becomes the cause of his grief. The moment when we have a lot of expectations from ourselves and we cannot meet them, then we become sad and unable to a

Cloves : An Aromatic & Medicinal Herb

Cloves is an aromatic and spicy fragrance plant. These are dried and unopened flower buds. It's plant grows to a height of 12 to 15 metres when fully matured. It is evergreen plant. On their leaves oil glands are present with dotted structure. The flowers of this plant do not open even when they are matured and ready to cultivate.  Generally cloves plant are grown in warm and humid conditions. Unopened flower buds are plucked from the plant when it starts to turn into light red in colour. Later the cloves are dried and after drying it becomes crisp, rough and black in colour.  Cloves are mostly grown in Madagascar, India , Srilanka, and Indonesia. The Botanical name of cloves is Syzygium aromaticum. Mainly cloves contains: • Moisture • Volatile oil • Maganese • Crude fibre • Vitamin B1,B2 and A. The cloves are used for Medicinal, commercial and for cooking purpose. Medicinal use of cloves • Cloves have antiviral, antimicrobial and an

8 Benefits Of Smoothie & 12 Healthy Smoothie Recipe

As you all know, the summer season is going on. Scorching sun is shining and this is common in summer. Taking tea or coffee in such a heat is like a sin. At this time to keep our body hydrated in summer is very important. And like all seasons, our body needs mineral and vitamin in summer. Water cannot be drunk all the time that's why we make smoothie to make the summer season enjoyable and to spend the summer season enthusiastically. BENEFITS OF A SMOOTHIE What exactly are Smoothies? Mix a lot of fruits and vegetables together and make a thick liquid. We may not know but smoothie is very good for our health. Smoothies keep our body cool. Here are seven benefits of smoothie given below: 1. Keeps hunger under control. 2. Helps in weight loss and weight gain. 3. Keeps our mood fresh and happy. 4. Fruits provides antioxidants minerals and vitamins in our body. 5. Smoothie keep the natural sugar of our body under control. 6. Keeps our body hydrated. 7.

Turmeric Benefits : A Natural Beneficial Medicinal Plant

Our nature is full of tree, herbs, shrubs and plants. This nature has also provided us many medicinal herbs. Turmeric is one of those herbs. Today we will learn about the amazing properties of turmeric. But before that we will try to know the scientific way of turmeric.  The Botanical name of turmeric is  Curcuma domestically Vahl.Synl. longa. It belongs to family of  Zingiberaceae. Rhizomes are the main product which are short, thick with blunt tubers. It is aromatic with a pungent smell. Turmeric has significant antioxidant, anticancer, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial properties. There are some ingredient i.e. curcuma inside turmeric that keep us healthy. If someone has cold, sore throat or cough problem then turmeric works medicinally in it. TURMERIC AS SPICES It is used as a spice in Indian culture. Since turmeric is considered a blood purifier, antiseptic, turmeric is eaten as a spice. It gives the food a light yellow colour. Mostly it is